Trinity United Church

Welcome to Trinity United in Elginburg

"Ordinary people - praising God, caring for others, learning to be the family of God"

Our Mission Statement

We the congregation of Trinity United Church guided by God’s Holy Spirit, are committed to assuring that our church:

• is a community church: a center for gatherings and celebrations of church and community events; a welcoming and accepting place for all to experience a life in Christ.

• will strive to provide opportunities to grow spiritually through prayer, meditation, and study.

• as servants of Jesus Christ, will endeavor to provide programs, pastoral care and supports for all ages.

• will reach out into our congregation, community, and the world, to share and teach our faith, seek justice and peace for all and live as role models of Christian faith.


2170 Unity Road
Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0

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Hall Rentals
Call Maria at

Hall rental is $150, or $50 if you are renting the hall for meal that is being catered by the church